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Testimonial from Neil Fisher
Choreographer and Director
Liverpool England

I had the good fortune to work with ‘The Twisty Twinz’ during and following the Christchurch Arts Festival, winter 2009. They were part of the Loons Theatre Company that created Happy Home Road for the James Hay Theatre in August. Following this I then worked with them on a rework of The Butler, which had a run at the Loons Cabaret Bar, Lyttleton, and was followed by a short festival tour.

These two extremely talented performers are a delight to work with and possess ceaseless energy and commitment to everything they do. They are resourceful, creative performers and are very willing to offer ideas and material for a ‘directive team’ to utilise and integrate into the production. They don’t wait to be asked for input and will produces a number of options for artistic consideration. They are always willing to spend extra time rehearsing material to a point that it can be incorporated at an appropriate level, and do not take umbrage if the offering is rejected for any artistic reason.

They understand the dangers of what they do and are very aware and diligent in their preparation and the safety aspects inherent in this work. They work consistently and tirelessly at rehearsing moves and moments to reach perfection. They are open to trying out new material and approaches to working, in fact they consume new ideas and information, and seem to enjoy and rise up to the new challenges that appear in devising and creating new work.

They are very supportive of other performers that they work with both inside the rehearsal space and outside as colleagues and friends and show great respect for the wide range of talents and skills they encounter. They also have great respect of the technical support they recieive in getting shows together.

They both have a great sense of humour, which adds to their performance charm. I have no hesitation in recommending their work and their attitude.


Tony Rooke,
Director, Australian National Circus Festival

The Twisty Twinz are a double bonus, unique in the world, creative and caring, skillful and playful. Working with The Twins since they graduated from circus school has been a delight. I book them for the National Circus Festival as often as I can and am always impressed by their performances and friendly attitude. They are the best identical twins on the international circus scene, by far.


Testimonial from Nicholas Frost
Director and Composer
Open Door Productions
Sydney, Australia

I first encountered Jola and Nele Siezen – known professionally as the Twisty Twinz - in January 2009, when my artistic collaborator Lisa Tui Bainbridge suggested a collaboration on our new concert / cabaret project ‘Portraits: The Woman Outside’, to be premiered at the Dunedin Fringe Festival in March 2009.
‘Portraits: The Woman Outside’ is a 70-minute ‘song cycle’ with physical theatre, that examines the stories of women on the outside of accepted social and psychological roles. It is conceived as a physical, theatrical experience within a concert / cabaret format, including continuous projected imagery.
From the start of our collaboration and rehearsal, I was very impressed not only by the Siezens’ highly developed physical cohesion, but by their work ethic, their focus in the moment, the wealth of ideas they brought to rehearsal, and the level of discipline they brought to the process of turning complex concepts into choreographic reality in ways that were theatrically effective.
Jola and Nele Siezen not only showed sensitivity in translating the composer’s ideas into new possibilities of physical expression, but demonstrated their own acute conceptual and directorial skills.
They worked with great effectiveness under pressure, understanding and respecting the dynamics of a diverse group in which vocal artists, composers and designers were operating. Their warm, supportive personalities were also much appreciated.
Their performances were invariably highly consistent and professional, and at all times they showed strong intellectual, emotional and physical commitment to the material.
Their skill in costume design and creation was also a valuable asset in this production.
I can safely say that this production would not have achieved the success and critical praise that it did without the physical theatre dimension brought to it so refreshingly by Jola and Nele Siezen.

I look forward with great enthusiasm to working with them on future projects.

Nicholas Frost


Angela Driver
Regional Arts Development Officer - North
The Studio QVMAG Inveresk
P O Box 898 Launceston TAS 7250

The TwistyTwinz (TWINtastic) were an absolute highlight of Festivale 2009. Every time I looked around they were in a different costume and more often than not in some strange, but fabulous pose! Their professionalism and easy going personality was a joy to work with and I would welcome them back any time!

Angela Driver


Tel:328 7035


To whom it may concern,

I have known and employed Jola and Nele Siezen as The Twisty Twinz for over four years.

For the last two years they have been employed on a regular basis to perform and rove at The Loons Entertainment Venue.
They have shown unquestioned commitment, diligence and professionalism in their tasks. They are an integral part of The Loons.
Credits include:
The Loons Cabarets 2007 to 2009 with compere Mr.Joe Bennett.
Berlin Burlesque with Doug Caldwell and Janice Gray.
Christchurch Arts Festival 2007
The Loons 2008

Jola and Nele work regularly on Tuesday’s at The Loons as part of the educational programme ‘Balloons’, where they are employed to teach circus skills.
As teachers they show a disciplined and structured approach incorporating creativity and fun within their structure. The students listen and are physically stretched. Jola and Nele are both naturally gifted teachers.

The Twisty Twinz were part of the original cast of The Butler premiered at Circo Arts in 2006. They have since been exemplary as professionals and performers. Highly creative and motivated.
The Butler has since played a season at The Loons and toured to The Nelson Arts Festival in 2008 to sell out audiences.
It is currently booked for Nelson and Tauranga Arts Festivals, The Edge Auckland in October followed by a season in London in November 2009.

Jola and Nele have been re-employed for a performance of Oak as part of The Sculpture on the Peninsula Exhibition 2009.
Oak was created in 2007. They are both major artistic contributors to this project.

Jola and Nele have been employed as performers in the production of Happy Home Road as part of The Christchurch Arts Festival 2009 at the James Hay Theatre.

What makes Jola and Nele and The Twisty Twinz such excellent employees is that you know you are going to get quality work and professionalism from them.
But more importantly they bring a creative energy and smile into the work space.
I have no hesitation in recommending them for employment and as a referee.

Yours faithfully
Mike Friend


Chris Carrow
Sillicon Planet Theatre Company
mobile: 0274365384

Sillicon planet Theatre Co is an established entertainment organisation that
manages performers, produces and creates circus as well as physical theatre projects.

The Twisty Twinz, Jola and Nele Siezen, have performed and collaborated on many projects with us. Their work has always been well planned to fit any performing project they have been part of.
Jola and Nele have a thoroughly professional approach to their work. They
produce polished performance pieces ready on time and they are reliable and punctual. They are a positive addition to any ensemble production, as they add innovative ideas and are always willing to be challenged.
The Twisty Twinz work is in Physical theatre, Aerial and Acrobatics, they are always finding new ways of combining new tricks, so that their shows are fresh and interesting. Their Audience response is always great.

I highly recommend Jola and Nele Siezen for any event, festival, show, or
performance project.

Any other information regarding the Twisty Twinz
please email <clownz@extra.co.nz>
or call 0274365384

Sincerely Chris Carrow for Sillicon Planet.


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